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Parenting Strategies For Raising Compassionate Kids

As parents, we want our children to grow up into caring and compassionate adults. Child development experts say that the best way to raise caring kids is by showering them with love and affection. Elizabeth Berger, who has written good parenting book such as ‘Raising Kids With Character: Developing Trust and Personal Integrity in Children’ believes that for making children understand the importance of love and care, it is crucial to love and care for them.

For positive parenting, develop kindness

Experts say that to teach kindness to your child and implement good parenting, touch and speak softly. For better parenting, remember that children learn a lot from their parents’ behavior. Emily Mihalchik, director, Johnnie Appleseed Preschool, reveals that for good parenting, be caring and warm towards a kid who is in pain. For example, if your child’s friend fell down and got hurt, you can say’ Maybe a warm hug would be nice’. Small kids have the tendency to forget things and for the sake of good parenting, you may have to repeat the lessons few times.

Good Parenting

Rejecting rudeness is important for executing effective parenting

While developing kindness is important for raising a caring child, experts comment that rejecting rude behavior is equally crucial for implementing good parenting. Speaking on this issue, Susan Jensen, who is associated with Children’s Nook preschool, says, “I see fifteen-month-olds who do things like spit into their parents’ faces, and the parents laugh”. For good parenting, avoid this type of behavior. Remember that to be a compassionate person, it is important to respect others. To be a good role-model for your child, you can consider the parenting advice of saying’ No, it is bad to spit. Never do it again’.

Experts believe that to implement good parenting, it is important to admit your mistakes and apologize. This will make your children understand that there is no shame in admitting mistakes and apologizing for them.

Teach your kids good manners for better parenting

Good manners is a crucial aspect of positive parenting and people parenting children should try to make healthy manners part of their daily routine. For good parenting, teach your kids to say ‘thank you’ when someone gifts them anything or helps them, no matter how simple the gift or the gesture is. Dr. Julia Gatta, who is associated with University of the South, believes that habits such as these help to form character of the kids. According to Gatta, this good parenting technique teaches the kids “There’s another person at the other end of the relationship who has feelings and deserves respect”.

Develop healthy relationships with your family for disciplining children

People parenting children may feel confused at the relationship between good parenting and developing healthy relationships with other members of the family. However, experts stress on the fact that children strongly affected by the way we deal with other family members. Suzanne Coyle, who is associated with Christian Theological Seminary, says that if kids hear us talking trash about their grand mom, they may start thinking that it is fine to talk like that. For good parenting, control your meanness and show your kids that you possess a spirit of generosity and kindness.

Create rules to develop compassion and implement good parenting

Child development experts agree with the fact that being a loving and caring parent is not enough. To raise a compassionate kid, it is crucial to create rules and stick to them. Janice Cohn, who has written popular book such as’ Raising Compassionate, Courageous Children in a Violent World’ says that restrictions on certain types of behavior help the child to differentiate between the right and the wrong. For good parenting, make hitting and name-calling unacceptable, no matter what the situation is.

Teaching compassion and kindness to a kid is not always easy and can require patience, determination and the right implementation of positive parenting skills. However, remember that kids who have respect for others and themselves and have the courage to take responsibility for their actions can make the world a better place to live in.