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Impact Of Parent Separation On Kids

Being a parent is probably the best feeling that a person can ever have in the lifetime. It is said that only blessed people get the opportunity of parenting. Holding the baby for the first time in the arms is truly a heavenly feeling that the parents experience. The mother takes so much pain to give birth to a child. In the bringing up of a child, both gather and mother play vital role.

While a child learns the basics of how to lead a life of worthiness, it is the father who plays the role of a paradigm to the children. It is with the mother that a child takes its first steps and with the father, plays the first outdoor game. Kids also need productive time from their parents and this time is very essential for their proper development. In modern day world, many of the parents get separated or divorced due to number of reasons. Though parents can lead a happy life even after divorce, the worst sufferer of that become the children of the family.

Though one may not understand, there is a huge different between families with both the parents and

Extended Family and Adoption

The adoption journey is an eventful one. It is full with both joyous and emotional moments. From the application process, to the waiting, to finally bringing home your new child. Many expect that things will automatically settle into a state of normalcy soon afterwards. While this would be a blessing, it is not often the case. How often have you heard somebody say “This is my daughter, this is her adopted son Alex and her real children Brenda and Amy”. This sentence, although highly inappropriate, is hardly ever meant to be inconsiderate. It is simply an explanation from a friendly family member proudly introducing his or her family to a friend or relative. It is not the intent that is incorrect; it is the terminology in the sentence. So how does this get stopped before it even starts? Depending on your own situation, there are a number of ways to avoid this.

Keep them involved

Your adoption process will be a personal matter. There will be home visits and consultations that you may not want to have others involved in. As much as

Use Positive Parenting in Child Rearing

In parenting circles, positive parenting has become a buzz topic these days, and it’s one topic that has several meanings depending on who you’re talking to. Positive parenting, to most people, refers to the kind of parenting wherein positive behavior is encourage and rewarded by the parents, with the parents effectively communicating with their kids. However, it’s also important for parents to deal with behavior problems in their children and correct those problems. Even this, however, can be done in a positive way. In this article, we’ll discuss a few positive parenting strategies you can use.

As a parent, you’d be tempted to try to solve of your child’s problems yourself than see your child suffer. Very often, however, it’s a good idea to let children come up with their own solutions. But when making a mistake will put your child or others in serious danger, that’s when you should step in. Unless the circumstances are extreme, let your child see or experience the consequences of his or her actions. It can be simple activities that pose a challenge or dilemma to your child, such as solving puzzles or assembling a toy. You don’t want your child

Use Child Monitoring Applications

Keeping your child safe from online threats is a real challenge for parents these days. Although the social media sites have become increasingly popular for increased communication and easy access to information yet they come with some downsides. It is just the other side of the coin that represents possible threats in the digital world. Studies show that over 51{05dbdf6f82ac80b7be43b0f151aa73d1e44199ae274eecc996d50eacab36f038} of children who use internet have been cyberbullied at least once in their lives. Bullying is in fact the most prominent threat on the internet these days. Apart from that, there has been significant rise in negative behavioral changes in children. Pessimism is one of the results from overuse of the internet on mobile and tablets.

It is imperative for the parents to protect their little ones from hidden dangers of the digital world and assure that they remain safe wherever they go. This is why a child monitoring app comes as a reliable solution to these issues. It is ideal for every concerned parent to make sure that they have their eyes open to their child’s activities and the app is covering as many parts of your children’s life as possible.

Parenting Strategies For Raising Compassionate Kids

As parents, we want our children to grow up into caring and compassionate adults. Child development experts say that the best way to raise caring kids is by showering them with love and affection. Elizabeth Berger, who has written good parenting book such as ‘Raising Kids With Character: Developing Trust and Personal Integrity in Children’ believes that for making children understand the importance of love and care, it is crucial to love and care for them.

For positive parenting, develop kindness

Experts say that to teach kindness to your child and implement good parenting, touch and speak softly. For better parenting, remember that children learn a lot from their parents’ behavior. Emily Mihalchik, director, Johnnie Appleseed Preschool, reveals that for good parenting, be caring and warm towards a kid who is in pain. For example, if your child’s friend fell down and got hurt, you can say’ Maybe a warm hug would be nice’. Small kids have the tendency to forget things and for the sake of good parenting, you may have to repeat the lessons few times.


Way to Become Proud Parents

There has been an increase in the number of people who wish to have a child, thanks to cheap and effective surrogacy in India. There is also a trauma and social stigma which is associated by not able to conceive and hence the lives become troublesome. However, all of that is set to change for the better thanks to Surrogacy in India. Now, having a baby of your own is indeed a reality which was not possible otherwise for sure. India offers comprehensive services which are in relation with surrogacy and egg donation programs. The country is bereft with sophisticated and experienced doctors who charge way less than some of the other countries in the world. It is a boon and a blessing to couples worldwide as everyone can enjoy the pleasure of being the legal parent of a child. Surrogacy in countries like India ensures a permanent and affordable answer to couple who are childless.

There is an extensive research along with exhaustive screening and exquisite timing which helps towards selecting the surrogate mom or egg donor. After all, Surrogacy in India offers you the safest and effective way to attain parenthood in the most enjoyable

Parenting Coaching

Undoubtedly, parenting is the most joyful job in the world but sometimes, it becomes the biggest adventure of your life. Many parents compromise with their career opportunities to nurture their children carefully and lovingly. Becoming a successful parent is not easy. You have to be more careful and responsible. However, for maintaining your work, home and also relationship you need to be strengthening yourself to overcome parenting challenges. And for this, an efficient parenting coaching can make your task easy.

A parenting coaching program can help you deal with many issues you face every day, as well as improve your interaction with your kids. You will get some inspiring ideas for the better growth of your kids. A proficient parent coach pays attention carefully, asks some crucial questions, provides powerful solutions and offers you some plans to implement so that you can turn your relations with your family and children in a positive and effective manner. A parent coach guides you toward the development of more effective behavior, leading to a finer balance in your family. Know how parenting coaching work for you and your child and make you a stress-free

Ideas For Successful Long-distance Grandparenting

Those of us with the challenge of living hundreds of miles from our precious grandchildren are always looking for new ways to stay in touch. We send birthday and holiday gifts, we travel to see them when we can, and we have them invade our space as often as we can persuade them to come. But the fact remains that they live day by day away from us and we miss them. Let’s take a look at some ways to keep the connection with family fresh and real.

Keep in touch. Don’t underestimate the value of a weekly note or postcard. Send an e-mail, a tape recording, a “secret message” or whatever occurs to you to let your grandchildren know you are thinking of them.Take note of their current “favorites.” If they love Spiderman right now, send some stickers, a new lunchbox or a pillow with that theme. They know you value their choices and care to please them.Get with it and add a webcam to your computer. You can have regular online visits and see those wonderful faces at the same time. It keeps you in their thoughts and you stay current with their lives.

Advantage of Diapering New Born Babies

Diapering is an integral part of raising children and parents of new born babies spend a good amount of time doing the same. And you cannot blame them too because till 6 to 8 months, babies tend to pass both urine and stool quite frequently. And the frequency is even higher among the breast fed babies. As a result, you may need to change up to 10 diapers a day. Baby nappy changing may sound and seem tiring, especially when parents are new in it. But with little practice, you will master in keeping your baby dry and thus jolly. Here are some tips that can help your baby nappy changing session less tedious-

  • Keep the supplies ready within reach. Fasteners when using cloth nappy, rash cream, cotton ball soaked in warm water, wipesetc should be kept handy so that you don’t need to leave your baby unattended.
  • Wiping the bottom should be followed by pat drying. This keeps baby skin breathable and he enjoys the activities.
  • Wipe the bottom from front to back. Never practice the reverse way that is back to front because it can lead to urinary tract infection.
  • Nappy has to be changed after every bowel

Tips Prospective Adoptive Parents

Couples who are deprived of parenthood generally opt for adoption. It is a traditional method which is well adopted world over. Although with technological changes lot of new developments have happened and this has given great benefits too but they have their shortfalls. Due to this reason many people still prefer adoption. It is a safe, fast and effective solution. Without spending much you can get a new member in your family. However, the modern day treatments like IVF, surrogacy etc. are popular but they are costly and do involve some amount of risk.

As per the researches the figures are horrifying. There are millions of children waiting for adoption. This is really a bad situation which needs to be taken care of. There are authorities working in different parts of the world in securing the future of such homeless, parentless kids but still it’s a long way to go. In this waiting list of children most of them require special needs adoption. Generally they are from minority race who are deprived of basic needs. Some are suffering from mild to severe disabilities, which require treatment. For such kids special adoption