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Different Parenting Styles to Ensure Proper Child Development

Women who are trying to get pregnant often have lots of pregnancy questions. They read lots of books about baby development and medical literatures that discuss pregnancy week by week development. Unfortunately, most couples tend to neglect issues about parenting styles. If you are expecting a baby, then it is very important to have a clear understanding of the different styles of parenting. The way you raise your baby has a great impact on his or her overall emotional and mental development.

As a future parent, you have a responsibility to nurture the baby inside your womb. You have to take note that the first trimester of baby development is very critical. At this stage, the survival of the fetus is not yet guaranteed. So once you confirmed that you are pregnant, you have to immediately consult your doctor to clarify whatever pregnancy questions you have. Your doctor will also give you a quick overview of pregnancy week by week development. Based on the information that you can get, you will be able to understand how to take care of the growing fetus. Of course, your doctor will also give you competent professional advice about dieting, pregnancy exercise, and the right pregnancy supplements. You have to seriously follow the advices of your doctor to ensure proper baby development.

You may not notice it but your first actions during the early stages of baby development are already part of your responsibilities as a parent. The mere fact that you are getting the best medical care indicates that you are taking parenthood seriously. However, knowing the basic pregnancy questions and child development is not enough to become a good mother. You also need to educate yourself about the right parenting styles. Parenting issues are more complex and require a significant departure from your usual norms and behaviors. To completely understand several parenting issues, you should carefully study the different parenting styles as defined by authoritative development psychologists.

There are three known styles of parenting. First, there is the so-called authoritarian parenting method. The authoritarian parent demands and expects so much from the child. Strict discipline is usually the norm of authoritarians. This style is seldom responsive to the child’s individual preferences. The second parenting method is authoritative-responsive. This parenting style balances strict authoritarianism with responsiveness. It is usually practiced by parents who have experienced the ill-effects of absolute parenting. The most commonly practiced parenting method in modern society is permissive-indulging. Permissive parents allow full development based on the children’s individual preferences. Permissiveness is highly acceptable in today’s society. However, extreme permissiveness may spoil the child thus undermining his or her proper psychological development.

You have to understand the different parenting styles in order to learn how to properly raise your children. As early as the first trimester of your pregnancy, you should decide which type of parenting method to adopt. Remember, the overall development of your child will greatly hedge on the way you raise him or her. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of proper parenting in order to ensure a balanced baby development.